Let’s begin. You can clearly see the sagging on your face but you are afraid to get surgery. Especially thanks to YouTube, if you have ever seen an operation video. I understand all of these concerns, I know how surgery fear feels. Because of your fears, you might not want to get surgery even if it’s the best approach. This is also understandable, but don’t get your face filled with fillers because of this fear. I won’t explain what operations you should get here, I will only explain the stages of aging and why it is not possible to effectively reverse their effects. This way, maybe I can break your desire to get fillers for everything.

I have explained 4 stages of aging in one of my other articles. These stages are explained through gravity and elasticity loss of the skin. First, visible skin quality decreases, pinkness leaves it place to a yellow-brown matte colour. There are fat islets that give our face volume, and in time these lose their volume with aging too. Ligaments that hold these fat islets in their place loses their ability and stretches. 

Stage 1: We can call this early aging. Fat islets on the cheeks and under the eyes start to separate from each other. Because both have different ligaments that hold them. Because cheek fat moves downwards while leaving under eye fat, this creates a baggy look under the eyes. If you don’t have a genetic disorder, this stage is around 35 years of age. 

Stage 2: Cheek fat moves further downwards creating deep crevices on the sides of the nose. This stage occurs around 40-45 years of age. 

Stage 3: While these stages are happening, sagging on the jowl starts. Because of their appearance they are sometimes called bulldog cheeks. Age is 45-50.

Stage 4: Simultaneously, sagging on the eyelids and eyebrows will join in any of the before stages. Age is over 55. 

I don’t know if you have ever taken a photo while standing upside-down, but if you did you would notice a lot of problems with your face are gone and you look younger. We talked about the mechanism of the problem above. Main cause is the gravity and downward movement of fat tissues. Then the first thing to do is lift what’s down.

Only in stage 1 we can use hyaluronic acid fillers (also known as under eye light fillers) under the eyes to make a temporary camouflage. But excessive use of these fillers can cause lymphatic problems in this area, so it should be applied cautiously. 

On other stages, depending on the patient, midface lift and/or facelift can be performed. Fillers cannot be used to fix the problems that occur in these stages. If you compare your face with a shopping bag, think about instead of lifting it up, filling it with more weight. This is how it would work with fillers, making problems worse. To lift your skin, you’re filling it with more weight thus causing more problems. Instead of lifting the face this would cause a look known as lion’s mane that is bulbous and swollen. To explain it better, think about doing breast implants without augmentations. It would only achieve bigger sagging breasts. 

In short, fillers are used to fill empty areas as their name suggests. They should be used in case of need for volume. At the right time, right place and in correct dosages, they are wonderful applications. But they are not a fix-all magic wand. 

If you want a more detailed read on fat transfers on face, link is here: https://bravodoctor.com/nano-fat-injections-face

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