Sexual identity exploration of women goes through a painful phase especially in societies like ours. Even if educational level increases in a society, it looks like it will take conservative mind setting to reach the same level for longer years. Development of sexual identity raised a lot of questions in women’s mind regarding structure and function of genital organs. During the consultations, I witness that a lot of my patients are unnecessarily biased against their vaginal lips or tightness. In my opinion, on the way of finding themselves women are not fair with themselves. On the other hand, there are real cases with those vaginal enlargement levels needing surgical intervention. This enlargement may cause in sensational decrease both for man and woman during sexual intercourse as well as urine incontinence complaints. We recommend surgical intervention for those cases.

Well, what can be done with surgical intervention? Vagina is a tube consist of muscle tissues. These tissues might get loose or enlarged sometimes due to genetic features sometimes after childbirth (even in caesarian delivery). In this case, vaginal tightening is operated all though back wall of the tube or front wall, and sometimes both. Since G point is located on front wall, I don’t prefer intervening on front wall unless there is urine incontinence problem.

If you suffer from this kind of a problem, in examination we can discuss whether you really need surgical intervention or not. And if required, we can solve your problem in a 40 minutes operation under general anesthesia. We can operate this procedure alone or combined with genital rejuvenation operation.

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