I could have written a fantastic story by telling you about Benjamin Button (probably I misspelled) impact to clarify you that Salmon DNA obtained from salmon milt is the most effective protein for human skin recovery. Since there are a lot of these kind of articles on the internet, I didn’t give up on the idea to write a fantastic story. No, actually I did because all of them are bullshit. It is not what salmon DNA is. Actually there is not even a single ingredient related to salmon in it J Welcome to the real world…

Then what salmon DNA is actually?

Let’s talk about scientific things a little bit. All of our cells contain DNA. Depending on activity cycle of the cells, sometimes DNA spirals open up and works, and then go back to resting phase. Reproduction cells are the most abundant place for open DNA spirals. Salmon sperm DNA was used in a studying on DNA particles called polynucleotide. When its impact on increasing skin quality was realized, nucleotides started to be produced in laboratories. Sub-particles of DNA, Disintegrated until this level, are the same in all living creatures. Otherwise; one thinks that why salmon but not anchovy. It is also a fish, and inhabited Black Sea. Besides, we have cultural bond with it J It doesn’t matter whether it is salmon or anchovy being studied on, nucleotides are necessary molecules for active DNA spirals. It is the necessary material nearly for all structures in continuous renewal cycle like our skin. It has benefits such as refreshing of the skin, decrease in blemish (which is one of the self-repair methods of the skin), and decrease in scars. The path to youth is through genetic sequencing. Salmon DNA is maybe the first scientific practice in this theme.

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