If you regularly get botox done, a special effort in terms of timing is unnecessary. But if you get it every once  in a while , let me give you a tip.

Why do we get botox? First let’s remember that. We do this in order to weaken the muscles that create our mimics. If these muscles start pulling and releasing our skin, these wrinkles stop appearing. This gives our body a chance to fill in those lines.

But here’s the magic question. When do we get wrinkles on our face and eye area the most? The answer is obvious: In sunny days, our eyes squint more to protect them from sunlight, forehead muscles get stretched, causing more wrinkles. This type of problem is also true for people who look at monitors for long stretches of time too. So for people who get botulinum toxin regularly, it is better to go throughout the summer with botox. In order to have the summer under botox, knowing that it lasts 3-6 weeks, spring time is best to get it done.

Every mimic we make acts like a shredder that carves under our skin. And this happens more in the summer because of the aforementioned reasons. So make sure to have botox before entering summer.

I wish you a smooth summer..

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