There are double highways between our face and mind. Okay there aren’t, but just assume there are. A thought that comes to your mind travels through these highways and appears a smile on your face. Someone near you comments “you have a sunny disposition today”. Better yet, this happy look is contagious and even they are smiling while commenting on your outlook. Reverse is also the case. Don’t sad people make us sad too? Isn’t that the reason a day goes much better if you smile at the start? You don’t have to feel it, just stare at the mirror and smirk at yourself. Does it sound silly? Don’t worry, no one can see you. You will see you feel much better about yourself.

One of the main causes of the sad look on peoples faces is the crossed or heightened eyebrows. This makes you look tense and gloomy. With botox application, much of the eyebrow crossing and wrinkles caused by heightened eyebrows on the forehead will be fixed, thus preventing the tense and gloomy outlook. More importantly, the person you have the most responsibility for won’t see this outlook. Who is that person? You, of course. Just like with the smiling exercise against the mirror, your happy outlook uses the highways to make you feel better about yourself. And this is even important in the depression treatment.

In conclusion, always smile.

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