Cosmelan-Dermamelan Blemish Treatment (Green Peeling)

Cosmelan- dermamelan is a blemish and skin rejuvenation treatment all by itself. It is a mask with special content applied in one session to treat blemish after pregnancy, aging discoloration, and spots caused by external factors like sunspots. Cosmelan-dermamelan helps reducing melanin amount in skin, repressing pigmentation causing spots, and treating mechanism which triggers spotting. Due to being performed in one session, these treatments are quick and practical. Results are above the expectations. It has a slight peeling effect, but it doesn’t contain acids like chemical peelings and TCA. In the period following mask application, in 4 weeks time it reaches maximum impact if provided supplementary products are used. Bright, purified from spots and blemish, clean and fresh skin is the result.

Treated blemish doesn’t mean that they will not show up again for sure. Please do not forget that your skin is prone to blemish and spots. Therefore we should think together how to preserve the pure and fresh skin you acquired with the treatment.

If you have a different questions regarding Cosmelan & Dermamelan, please fill in the form. Wish you a healthy life.