Most hairy story written on laser hair removal…

Dear ladies, you have been trying hard to get rid of your hair, but do you know why? What I meant is do you know what is the source of this urge? In our clinic we provide service for you to give the best results with the advanced laser hair removal systems in the whole world. But while doing that I wanted to search why we have this drive. Is it only about cleanliness or something else? Getting power from historian Joan Jacobs Broomberg, now I will tell you about some truth. Probably you are aware that attitudes of different societies of the world over hair removal are not similar to each other.

While in some societies hair removal of all body especially the genital area means cleanliness, in other societies no one cares about that. In some of them even special shaving methods are developed. Then what is the source of this difference? Is it religion? Is it traditions? Or is it ethical behavior? Well, when this thing called hair removal started actually? 🙂 Shaving hair and beard was for being recognized and making hunting easier as well. It is known that this is why cave men started shaving with sharp stones in Neolithic Age :). Alright I will not go back that far. Modern hair removal was invented in America.

You know that story about the establishment of US by adventurers ran from Europe by ships. In the continuation of this story, between the years 1910-1920 young American girls started removing hair getting themselves separated from Victorian female profile as a result of the effort to create modern feminine American profile. Between the years 1914 and 1934 there was a lot of praises for hair removal in Harper’s Bazaars Magazine and Lady’s Home.

Naturally hair removal was not done with laser back at that time. After the Great Depression of 1930s, this market expanded and with the entrance of lasers to medicine field laser hair removal started. Maybe this is why best laser hair removal devices are American products. Like the ones in our center 🙂 I will not get into physical and mathematical details of laser hair removal in this article. Both explaining it and understanding it are difficult already. But for now just keep this in mind: tools (devices) do the work but man gets proud of himself (Turkish saying), and we have the best devices now. If you ever come to our center for laser hair removal, we can see if you are suitable for it after a short consultation and inform you about the details.

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